Astronomical Magic Slot Game

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Astronomical Magic Slot Game

Players can unlock the boundless power of magic in this gripping game by Konami. Astronomical Magic throws you right into a fantasy-themed universe complete with enchanted wizards and spellbinding magic. From the majestic starry night sky to the thrilling action-stacked symbols, this slot machine favorite gives you no choice but to become sucked into its captivating world.

Astronomical Magic is designed in a way that makes gameplay simple and intuitive. Featuring easy-to-read red hues, the reels in this game stand out against the background so that you can view them without any difficulty. The same goes for the symbols, which are placed against an aesthetically pleasing diamond background to allow for easy visibility.

Players will notice that every feature of this game echoes the overall theme of magic and wizardry. From the magic-based picture symbols to the dazzling background designs, awe-inspired motifs are waiting behind every corner. You’re also sure to love the main character, a mysterious yet charming wizard with an animated 3D design that adds to the thrill of the game.

With the chance to snag up to 88 free spins, Astronomical Magic is sure to keep you glued to your screen from start to finish. Here’s everything you need to know about this enchanting game before you give it a try.

Wizards, Spells and Magic: What to Expect From the Game

Astronomical Magic is set up as a standard free slot game featuring five reels and three rows. The game also features a total of 30 paylines as well as a 15 credit bet for the bonus features. It’s important to note that the game doesn’t give you the option of adjusting the paylines or credits during gameplay. Before you start playing, it’s a good idea to double check the number of paylines so that you know what to expect ahead of time.

For this game, the betting range is 0.45 to 450 credits for each spin. However, a minimum of 15 credits is required to gain access to the bonus features, which we’ll delve into soon. With a max RTP of 96.05%, Astronomical Magic shows a good amount of potential if you’re looking to secure a steady stream of wins. There’s also the possibility of winning 1,500x your bet, making this game a promising choice for beginners.

Astronomical Magic Bonus Features

Astronomical Magic is packed with exciting features, but one of its best offerings is its action-packed symbol system. This system includes the lucky frames feature, which involves a series of lucky frames that are denoted by a distinct gold border. Each lucky frame can contain any symbol except for the wizard space. You might notice two to three frames appearing on the same reel, allowing the lucky frames to function as reverse wilds. This can potentially lead to easier wins in the long run.

Players may also notice that the game’s Wild system is unlike that of similar slot games. The main distinguishing feature of this Wild system is that the three-row high wizard is the only Wild space. If you manage to land five reels of wizard spaces, you’ll be rewarded with a payout of 500x the line bet.

The free spins in Astronomical Magic also help pack some extra action into the game. Once you find a reel with a wizard space on it, the reel shifts slightly until the wizard occupies all three rows. This is the lucky frames’ cue to select a different shared symbol, such as the wizard space.

After the frame chooses a new symbol, it has the chance to land on the special bonus set. This is where things start to get interesting. The special bonus set then triggers a scatter win bonus along with a special reward of free spins. The number of free spins you get ultimately depends on the number of bonus spaces you land on. Three spaces reward 8 free spins and 150x the line bet, four spaces reward 18 free spins and 450x the line bet and five spaces reward 88 free spins and 1,500x the line bet.

Where to Play Astronomical Magic in the U.S.

If you’re eager to unlock the magic of the wizard world, you can find Astronomical Magic at multiple locations throughout the country. One of the easiest ways to play this game is via online casino sites in Michigan. As a Michigan resident, you can access a number of casino sites, such as Golden Nugget Casino and Michigan’s BetMGM casino.

Players can also choose to play this game at various other casinos across the U.S. Some of these casinos include DraftKings Casino and Stars Casino Michigan.

Add a Touch of Magic to Your Game

If you’re hoping for an extra stroke of luck the next time you hit the casino, Astronomical Magic may be just the game you’re looking for. This enchanting journey of wizards and wonder will give you the chance to escape reality while you rack up major rewards. With Astronomical Magic, you’re free to let your imagination take flight, at least for a little while.