Chili Chili Fire by Konami

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Chili Chili Fire by Konami

You know the feeling of being on a hot streak when you’re on the slot machines? With Chili Chili Fire by Konami, you’re bound to be on fire–literally! Surrounded by mariachi instruments, sombrero-decked figures and of course, piping hot chili peppers, you’ll feel as though you’ve hopped on a flight to Mexico. In addition to all of the unique, cultural graphics, you’ll enjoy some great bonus features that multiple your winnings by tons!

How to Play Chili Chili Fire

At first, Chili Chili Fire may seem like your typical slot game–however, the bright colors, fun icons and supreme bonuses make this game stand out. You’re immediately greeted by bright orange and yellow hues that conjure up images of fire. As you spin the reels you’ll meet a number of cool characters, from the tribal turkeys and golden treasures to the bridge and groom in traditional Mexican dress. It’s as though you’ve been invited to a Mexican wedding, except you’re getting paid for it!

You’ll start with 30 fixed pay-lines and a minimum bet of 45 coins. The game follows a Stacked Symbols system, which means you’ll see the same symbols all stacked into one reel. This means more chances of scoring some winning combos, which translates to bigger winnings!

Chili Chili Fire offers an auto-play function. In case you don’t feel like manually pressing the button every time you want to take a turn, you can just hit auto-play, sit back and watch the reels spin for you!

While Chili Chili Fire has a ton of cool graphics and symbols that differentiate it from other slot games, the absolute best part of the game is definitely the bonus features. Watch as the characters step in and give you boosts to help you win!

Super Hot Bonus Features

With all of the bonus features in this slot game, your gameplay won’t just be hot–it’ll practically be smoking.

In addition to the regular letter symbols, you’ll notice a bunch of icons reminiscent of Mexican culture. A couple of these are actually bonus symbols that have special abilities designed to increase your winnings.

The Wild Symbol

As you spin, you may notice a blushing bride and her grinning groom pop up on your reels every now and then. The groom is dressed up in a sombrero and sporting a thick mustache. When his face turns red and his mustache grows, you might think he accidentally inhaled a spicy chili. While that might be uncomfortable for most people, it’s actually good news for you–that’s how he uses his special bonus powers! This character is actually a wild symbol; he’ll function as any symbol you need to create a winning combo. He only appears on reels 2-5, but thanks to the stacked symbols system he’ll show up with some of his macho mustached buddies.

Free Spins

The game wouldn’t be complete without some spicy chilies; after all, it is called “Chili Chili Fire.” If you see some hot chilis entwined in a heart, don’t panic–you don’t have to eat them. In this case, the hot pepper is actually a sign of good luck. This symbol will lead you to bonus rounds where you can spin the reel for free!

Chili Scatters

To really ignite the fire and get some smoking hot winnings, keep your fingers crossed for more chilis. Ideally, you’ll wind up with chilis scattered across your reels–hence the name, Chili Scatters. With this bonus, you won’t just be rewarded with free spins; you’ll watch as your initial bet goes up by three, ten or even fifty! Even better, your bonus reels aren’t like regular gameplay. You’ll see more premium and wild symbols, increased free spin opportunities and a higher chance of getting the Fade Away feature, a unique new addition to Konami games.

Fade Away

Konami introduced this cool bonus feature to some of its games in order to increase your chances of winning. Through the Fade Away mechanism, which is triggered at random, you’ll watch as your basic letter and number symbols vanish from the screen and are replaced with more premium or even wild symbols. Who’s got time for the basic symbols when there are so many cool ones out there? The Fade Away feature won’t stop working its magic until you’re left with only premium symbols on your reels.

Where to Play This Game in Michigan

Chili Chili Fire is available in online casinos in Michigan, such as the well-known BetMGM Casino and FanDuel Casino. You can also enjoy it at DraftKings Michigan Casino.

Start the Fire

If you’re in the mood for a classic slot game but want something with its own creative twists, then Chili Chili Fire is the game for you. Usually, a trip to Mexico would cost money, but this game takes you there and pays you for it! Get your fire started and play now!