China Mystery by Konami

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China Mystery by Konami

Take a trip to the Far East with Konami’s China Mystery. In this online slot, you will test your luck in pulling a winning combination from a number of beautiful symbols taken from Chinese culture and mythology. Will you pull a paper lantern, or maybe a pot of tea? Or perhaps you will even be fortunate enough to score the golden turtle statue, the greatest prize of all!

Konami’s China Mystery has been around since 2009. Slots have certainly grown more advanced since then, and the design to China Mystery seems understated by comparison. A simple blue background occupies the space that may in a more recent slot be filled with a vibrant and detailed environment. But there are some subtle but effective touches that imbue the design with a sense of style and refinement—look a little closer, and you will see that the reels are housed in what appears to be elegant scroll, engravings of a dragon’s tail wrapping around the edges.

With excellent art, a variety of fun symbols, and some interesting bonus play options, Konami’s China Mystery is a fun way to escape to a captivating world, if only while testing your fortune.

A Rundown of the Basics

China Mystery is a 30-line, 5-reel slot, the reels being divided into 3 rows. Symbols include your stock casino letters from the Roman alphabet, as well as a Chinese character, a coin with Chinese text on it, a paper lantern, a pot of tea, and a golden statue of a turtle. Additionally, there is a symbol with the mysterious face of a Chinese woman. This is a wild card—it appears in all but the first reel and substitutes for any other symbol.

Predictably, the characters from the Roman alphabet are worth the least. The Chinese script and the golden turtle occupy the top as far as earning potential is concerned. Getting 3, 4, or 5 of the coin symbols in a single turn triggers, respectively, 8, 10, or 15 free spins—earnings being doubled during these bonus periods.

Bonus Spins

The unique set of options for bonus spins is one of the most impressive and interesting aspects of Konami’s China Mystery. Free spins are presented with a fun mode of play called Balance of Fortune. When you have successfully landed the necessary coin symbols, you have the choice between selecting a Free Game or a Credit Prize.

The Free Games get you bonus spins that could potentially prove to be very lucrative. The Credit Prize is a safer bet, giving you a minimum of 200 credits and a maximum of 15,975,000—an incredible amount. The number of the Credit Prize is random, though it usually ends up that a higher number of Free Games exchanged leads to a bigger Credit Prize.

The Balance of Fortune is a really interesting way to implement bonus spins. Moreover, its theme is tied into the larger themes of Chinese mythology and culture that weave throughout China Mystery—a symbol of a scale seamlessly integrating this novel system for free play into the game as a whole.

Where to Play this Slot in Michigan

Konami’s China Mystery can be conveniently played at Michigan online casinos from your home. Check out the BetMGM Michigan, which is the online equivalent to the MGM Grand in Detroit. Other options include DraftKings Casino and the Golden Nugget. Visit some of these online slots today to explore this beautiful little slice of the mystery and mythos of China.

Final Thoughts/Review of Konami’s China Mystery

Konami’s China Mystery was released in 2009, and there are ways in which it shows its age. It is true that the game is in some respects limited as compared to other popular alternatives. I mentioned some of the limitations earlier as far as design is concerned. Similarly, sound is limited as well. There is no background music outside of the bonus play period and only very slight sound when you spin the reels. However, this ends up being something of a strength of China Mystery, contributing to its elegant and understated design.

Moreover, the art to the symbols really holds up. Images such as paper lanterns and tea pots contribute greatly to the feeling, and the golden turtle statue is especially beautiful. The wild card symbol of the Chinese woman was interesting as well, because her expression allows us to experience the titular mystery of this game.

The great strength of China Mystery, though, is definitely its bonus play mode. The Balance of Fortune is a truly unique idea that empowers the player, giving them choices and the opportunity to take the safer option of exchanging Free Games for a Credit Prize. I also really loved the way this was presented, using the scale symbol and tying it into the game’s broader themes of Chinese culture and mythology.

All in all, Konami’s China Mystery is a fun way to get a very small taste of the Far East, and potentially win big in the process. This is definitely one to look out for!