China Shores by Konami

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China Shores by Konami

The look and feel of Konami’s China Shores slots game are hard to define, but one thing is clear: It is fun. Somehow, it captures a modern, fast-paced video slots presentation while maintaining a comfortable and worn slots parlor aura.

There is an appeal for just about everyone from hardcore slots devotees to the person trying to kill a little time with a fun game.

One can envision millennials playing it ironically while secretly hoping for a payout and trying not to look too excited. At the same time, one can picture world-weary boomers opting for it because there are no seizure-inducing bells and whistles, not a lot of choices and very little to think about.

The Basics

China Shores provides colorful far east symbols like a gold Chinese inscription on a red banner, paper lanterns, Yin and Yang, golden turtles, panda wilds and decorative urns. There are 30 pay lines and two ways to score bonuses, including free games and random jackpot payouts.

Its background is a classic Asian, mountain habitat that a panda bear might call home and includes warm colors like maroon, gold and green.

There is a satisfying sequence of clicks as each “reel” settles into position, jingles announce wins and a boxing ring gong sound happens when free games are scored.

Logistically, the game plays on five reels. It has 30 pay lines, a minimum bet of $1.50 and a max of $75.00. Through gameplay, players can earn free games, a randomly generated bonus reward and randomly assigned payouts in addition to set payout for aligned symbols.

Features are random wilds, scatter symbols and jackpots. The RTP is 90.19%, plus progressives awarded. Payouts occur on designated game lines moving left to right and wins are multiplied by how many credits are wagered on each line.

The final position of a reel is not indicative of “almost winning” or a predictor of future payout trends. As with every slot, if the game malfunctions, all payouts are void.

Free Game Bonus

3, 4 or 5 Yin-Yang symbols earn the free games bonus feature. Wild pandas can substitute for the Yin-Yang symbols, but there must be at least one Yin-Yang to trigger the bonus.

When awarded, players have a choice of a set number of games (3, 4 or 5 Yin-Yang symbols earn 8, 10 or 15 free games respectively) or a randomly generated credit prize that on average pays a larger amount if more free games are exchanged.

Additional free games can be won as the feature is running. All feature pays are on 30 lines and the payout amount is the same as the amount wagered during regular play.

If a player has more than 20 free games remaining, they can opt for the balance of their free games in the form of a credit prize at any time.

Quick Strike Progressive

This is a mystery progressive that is randomly awarded based on the amount wagered and the more bets that are wagered.

The larger of each the greater the chances of winning. The amount awarded is listed above the active game screen in the form of jackpot pools (Major, Mini, etc.)

Odds, Symbol Value and Experience Playing

The odds for China Shores are relatively low, but so are most of the payouts. Free games are randomly assigned and can be few and far between, but usually, when activated, the free games feature pays handsomely.

Each reel has a number of stacked symbols, with the highest paying being the golden inscription and the lowest paying being traditional playing card symbols (9, 10, A.) Five golden inscriptions in a row can earn 1000 credits and five Yin-Yang symbols in a row pay 100 times the amount per line wagered.

The other symbols (urn, lantern, golden tortoise, etc.) are valued in between those two sets of symbols. Panda wild symbols are featured on reels 2 through 5.

Where to Play

Whether you are looking for traditional brick-and-mortar slots play or playing at online casinos in Michigan, chances are China Shores will be there. It is one of the most prevalent and famous slots games in existence and is a standard for all MGM-owned casinos and associated apps, like BetMGM Michigan. It also can be found at Odawa Casino, Mackinaw City, Firekeepers Casino Hotel, Motor City Casino Hotel and the Four Winds Casino at the physical locations, online or both.

Additionally, several other slot machine apps offer the game, affiliated with gaming enterprises, the Konami app and non-gaming enterprises (just for fun slots.)

Final Thoughts

The best way to think of the China Shores slots game is the way you would think of an old sweatshirt or sweater that you can wear around the house, while doing errands or to hang out and get coffee with a friend.

You would not, however, wear either article of clothing to a formal event or if you were looking for adventure.

The same applies to China Shores. If you are looking for bells, whistles, fireballs and multi-tiered bonuses, it is probably not your game.

If you want a fun and relaxing slots game that is kind of retro, not too busy and occasionally will score big, you should give China Shores a try, whether you are playing at a brick-and-mortar enterprise or online.