Ghostbusters Level Up Plus Slot Game

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Ghostbusters Level Up Plus Slot Game

The Ghostbusters movies provide plenty of material for creating entertaining slot games. IGT have been producing games based on the original movie for live casinos for many years. Some of these games — including Ghostbusters Level Up Plus — are now also available in Michigan online casinos.

There are some amazing animations involved in this game. You will fight different ghosts with your plasma gun, aiming to trap them. This lets you progress through 10 levels. You get new pieces of ghost hunting equipment as you climb. These unlock new features, along with bigger prizes on the reels.

If you trigger the Zuul Free Spins, things get exciting fast. Here you can benefit from some of the best expanding wild symbols and multipliers while you fight the ghosts.

Setup: How do Ghostbusters Level Up Plus slots work?

When you first see the reels of this IGT slot, things look simple enough. The symbols show the original crew from the first Ghostbusters movie. Each one is a different color. They are all instantly recognizable. To the left of the reels you will see a meter. This shows you are at level one of 10. It has red and green areas that show the health of your current foe — in this case the popular ‘Slimer’.

There are 25 win-lines in use. They cross the standard 5×3 grid. You can bet from $0.01 per line or boost your coin value to bet more. Auto-play is available.

Character symbols pay the biggest line prizes. There are wilds in play. These show the Ghostbusters logo. Playing card symbols are used for the smaller prizes.

Fighting ghosts and moving up levels

You will see special ghost symbols on reel three. When one hits, you will start to see just how entertaining the Ghostbusters Level Up Plus slot machine can be. The ghost will come to life over the reels. You will see a Ghostbuster appear with a plasma gun, and click on the ghost to shoot. The bolt hits the ghost, which will take a hit and explode.

Each ghost needs three tries before it is captured in the special box device used in the movie.

Whenever you zap a ghost, an icon will move to the right of the reels. This will show a wild symbol. They get better as you climb levels, with 3x wins at the start, up to 25x (during the free spins). Some wilds will also expand in different directions. Those wilds can form a queue, appearing on the next spins to add multipliers to your wins.

After the third kill and trapped ghost, you move up to the next level, with a new opponent. The last one in the sequence is the marshmallow man.

Ghostbusters Level Up Plus: Zuul free spins bonus

If you do not immediately see the free spins bonus symbols, you cannot miss hearing them. They show the monster Zuul and give a deep roar when they hit. You need three to start an epic battle with Zuul. Each time you zap him, you get free spins and special wilds.

These wilds are better than the ones in the base game. They include a wild with a 25x multiplier, and one which expands in all directions which can cover nine spots on the reels if it lands in the middle. The special equipment (that you can also get during the base game level up battles) can turn the lower paying symbols into wilds.

Plasma and monsters: Ghostbusters Level Up slots design

There is huge contrast between the relatively plain looking reels and the amazing sequences where you fight ghosts. The reels are dark, with a peek at the classic car and logo to the left. You can see the faces of the original team, color-coded to make them easy to follow for wins. The monsters on the reels appear as simple drawings.

When you fight the first monster (slimer) you will see some amazing graphics. The ghosts become x-rays, showing their skeletons, and turning white before finally disappearing. After the third battle, you will see them dragged into the box by the plasma rays.

Music and sound effects fit perfectly, with plenty of monster noises to enjoy. You will only hear the original theme tune when you hit a big win (while this counts up).

Should you call Ghostbusters Level Up Plus slots from IGT?

This entertaining theme is perfect for the level-up concept. IGT have created multiple Ghostbusters slots, which you will find in live casinos and online. This one adds a new dimension, getting progressively better as you play. As you unlock new levels, you get new equipment to fight ghosts. This equipment becomes wild symbols or replaces the lower paying symbols with wilds.

Each fight involves amazing graphics. You will see your ghostly opponent on top of the reels and blast them with your plasma ray. The most spectacular graphics — plus the best wild symbols — are saved for the free spins bonus games. Here you get to fight with the biggest enemy of all, the mighty Zuul.

Check out Ghostbusters Level Up Plus for yourself next time you visit an online casino in Michigan!