FOX Bet Sportsbook Review & Bonus Code

Updated July 2024
Now Live!
  • A bonus bet up to $50
  • Boosted odds throughout the week and super boosters on the weekend
  • Add bets to any market using their custom bet hashtag
  • Weekly bonus bet offers and giveaways

FOX Bet is now licensed in Michigan and offers new players a great bonus when you sign up.

As a new user, if you sign up for a new account you will receive a bonus bet bonus up to $50! Just follow the steps in the bonus offer.

And when you join FOX Bet, you enjoy several additional promotional bonuses including super-boosted odds, a weekly free, and bet requests on any market.

Plus, the assurance of placing your bets with a well-established brand with top-level software, mobile app, banking options, customer support, and more.

FOX Bet Sportsbook bonus offer in Michigan

By opting in to the welcome bonus and following these five steps you will receive your bonus offer.

  • Go to promotions tab/page
  • Click on the FIRST BET ON US bonus promotion
  • Register 
  • Click View Challenges
  • Players are required to click Opt-In button no longer than 7 days from registration
  • Players are required to place first bonus bet no longer than 7 days from registration

Click here for more bonus Bet T&C Details

When you make your first bet on FOX Bet you will have a bonus bet up to $50! This means that you can place any bet up to $50. If that bet loses, you’ll receive the amount you lost back in bonus funds. If your bet wins, the bet will be paid out as normal, but you won’t receive a rebate on your bet.

Please note that the wager refund of your lost bet is contingent on your wager of -200 odds or tighter. For example, you can place a bet on +120 odds, but not -500 odds.

The bonus bet will be credited within 24 hours of your bet being settled, and it will expire after 30 days.

FOX Bet sportsbook bonus code 2024

Online SportsbookFOX Bet Sportsbook
FOX Bet Bonus CodeNone - Use Links
Bonus OfferTBD
bonus BetUp to $50
Last UpdatedJuly 2024

Ongoing promotions at FOX Bet sportsbook

FOX Bet frequently offers bonus bets to its users, but you must earn them. Earn a $10 bonus bet by placing a wager on any specific market. They also give away hundreds in bonus bets every week. Answer a question on either their Twitter or Facebook page, and random winners are selected to win bonus bets. Some mystery offers surprise some lucky players with bonus bets. You’ll earn a $10 bonus bet every week when you place $50 in parlay bets throughout the week as part of their FOX Bet Parlay Club.

Using Twitter and Facebook, you can win bonus bets from FOX Bet during Winner Wednesday and Bonus Bet Friday. Simply answer a few questions that will be revealed on those days, and you’ll be entered to win. Simple bonuses are also a promotional option to enhance your online betting session. The $5 casino bonus, for instance, awards a $5 instant casino money bonus that can immediately be used at the FOX Bet online casino when you place a $5 wager in the online sportsbook.

FOX Bet also offers boosted odds bets in which you receive better odds than what was originally on the FOX Bet market. For example, if the Colorado Rockies are -120 favorites to win a game, you may be able to bet them as +105 underdogs. Also, you will find that FOX Bet Sportsbook offers heavily boosted odds on the weekends to entice users to bet more frequently. To make wagering even more versatile, FOX Bet has a custom bet option on their website. If there is a bet that you’d like to place but can’t find it on their sportsbook, tweet your request with #custombet, and FOX Bet will consider adding it to their available bets.

How to create an account at FOX Bet Michigan

Use our links to navigate to the FOX Bet sportsbook homepage to ensure you get the best new player bonus. Once there, select the large, blue “Join” icon found at the top right-hand corner of the screen. You’ll be asked to provide your email address before creating a username and password. Your username must be at least four characters long and cannot start or end with space. Your password must be at least eight characters long, cannot contain your username, must start with a letter, and must contain at least one number. Once completed, select “Continue.”

The next step requires you to agree to various terms and conditions by checking the corresponding boxes. The first box asks for your consent to receive special offers, news, promotions, and other emails from FOX Bet. You can unsubscribe from this at any time. The second box indicates you are at least 21 years old, and you understand the End User License Agreement. The third box is to confirm you understand their privacy policy. Once you check each box, you will be able to select “Create Account.”

Download the FOX Bet sportsbook app

Navigate to the FOX Bet homepage via the link located on this page to ensure you get your bonus rewards. Once on the homepage, scroll down to the “Customer Reviews” section. Under this section, you will find the instructions to “Download and bet on the go with one of the FOX Bet mobile apps.” Directly to the right, locate the Apple and Android icons. If you have an iPhone, click the Apple icon to download the FOX Bet iOS app directly to your iPhone. If you have an Android phone, click the Android icon which will open a new page where you will select “Download Now.” Look for the FOX Bet file download confirmation in your notifications and go to “Settings” on your device to “Allow this source.” Then the installation of the FOX Bet Android app directly onto your phone will begin.

Using the FOX Bet app

The FOX Bet app is sleek and easy to use with all the same features offered on the website only revamped to be mobile-friendly. The “Sign Up” and “Login” buttons are in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Once you log in, this turns into your balance, and you are given the option to visit the cashier. Note that we suggest you click through to the website from the links on this page. Sign up on the website first, and then log in to the mobile app to ensure you get credited with the proper bonuses offered exclusively here.

On the right-hand side of the app interface, you are given the option to view all the sports betting options available. When you select a sport, the app directs you to that sports betting page. This page is the same as is on the website, featuring leagues, in-game, futures, #custombet, bet boost, calendar, and results. Once you select the league, you will find all of the games for that league. You can choose any individual game and find all of the betting options for that particular game, as well.

Back on the home screen, you’ll find a trio of tabs labeled popular, promotions, and results, just like the web-based platform. The option to choose what type of odds (American, decimal, fractional) is to the right of these tabs.

The “Popular” section includes all the same blocks as the website but in a different order. It begins with “Available Promotions,” followed by the “Bet Boost” block, “Trending #custombet” block, “Main” betting block, “As seen on FOX Sports” block, and “Trending” bet block. These all offer the same options as the website. Select bets directly on these blocks by clicking on the available odds. The “Betslip” icon is located to the right of these tabs and features the betslip, placed bets, and bonus bets with the same options as the website.

The “Promotions” and “Results” tabs are linked to the same pages as the website but presented in a mobile-friendly format.

The bottom menu has five options:

  • Sports: directs you to the FOX Bet Sportsbook
  • Casino: directs you to FOX Bet’s casino games
  • My Stars: lists your stars rewards, challenges, tickets and money, bonus bets, bonuses, free spins, and chests and provides access to the rewards store.
  • Poker: provides access to the poker room.
  • Account: allows access to balance, withdrawal and deposit requests, history viewing, and settings options about login and security and personal details. A help section is also included here.

How to navigate

The “Login” and “Join” tabs are in the top right-hand corner of the FOX Bet’s homepage. Once you have logged in, you will find “Account” and “Deposit” tabs in place of the “Login” and “Join” tabs. The Account page is where you will find the cashier, deposit/withdrawal options, history, and more. Links to FOX Bet’s casino and poker room are located on the left-hand side of the header.

Below the deposit button, you will find a “Support & FAQs” link. This link will direct you to a variety of support topics that link to relevant articles to help you find answers to frequently asked questions asked by both new and existing players alike. A search bar allows for quick reference of pertinent information. Once you have relinquished support options within the FAQs, click the “Contact” button to live chat with someone. Alternatively, you may opt to email the FOX Bet support department.

Back on the sportsbook page, a row of linked tabs lines the top of the page beginning with the “Home” button and followed by the “In-game” option and several sports available for wagers on FOX Bet. This tab directs you to all the live games where you can place bets during live events in real-time. Clicking “All” at the end of the row reveals all the sports FOX Bet accepts wagers for. Once you select a specific sport, you’ll be directed to that sport’s page featuring all betting options available for that sport. If you select “League,” you’ll see all available leagues listed on the left-hand side of the screen. These are further broken down into popular leagues. Each game has its odds for the spread, moneyline, and total points. To see all the available bets for that event, click on the individual game.

Three links below the “Home” tab represent “Popular,” “Promotions,” and “Results.” The “Popular” category recommends a list of current, popular FOX Bet wagering options (e.g. normal or boosted odds). To make a bet, simply click the bet of your choice on the betslip.

Also, under the “Popular” tab, you’ll find an “As seen on FOX Sports” block. This link directs you to events that will air on Fox’s television stations. They could be futures or other bets such as who will win the World Series or NCAA National Championship.

Beneath the “Popular” tab, FOX Bets offers a block of boosted odds bets. This block shows the bet, the original odds, and what the boosted odds are. You can bet directly on this block by clicking on the available odds. To the right is the trending bets block. Here you will find several betting options with odds on upcoming events. Once again, you can bet directly on this block by clicking on the available odds. Another betting block showcases trending #custombets. These custom bets are requested bets made by players via social media and approved by FOX Bet. Directions to put in your request via Twitter @FOX Bet with #CustomBet are on this page. Like the other blocks, you can wager directly on these events by clicking on the available odds.

If you scroll down a bit farther, you’ll find FOX Bet’s “Main” betting block that features all upcoming and in-game betting options. On the upcoming side, you’ll find all available bets for games and contests that are coming up soon. Click on any individual game to view all related available bets for that event and, if you prefer, proceed with your wager. The “In-Game” tab, on the other hand, shows only games currently taking place live. You’ll find specific odds on this block and can click any game to find all the available bets on that matchup.

The bet slip is located on the right-hand side of the screen. This is where you place your bets. The three options offered in this section are “Bet Slip, “Placed Bets,” and “Bonus Bets.” In the placed bets section, you can find all your open bets, cash-out opportunities, in-game bets, settled bets, and winning bets. Near the top of the sportsbook, above the “As seen on FOX Sports” section, you’ll see a place to select the type of odds you’d like to see. Your choices are American, decimal, or fractional.

FOX Bet online sportsbook features

The FOX Bet website has plenty of user-friendly and useful features that are easy to find. When you click on any specific sport, the site directs you to all available bets for that sport. The “League” tab allows you to search for specific games through leagues, such as the NBA, NFL, and MLB. When looking at specific sports, you can also sort by “In-game,” “Futures,” “#custombet,” “Bet Boost,” or “Calendar.” Once you select a game, the site presents you with all available sports betting options. Once again, these can be filtered by different types of wagers like those listed above.

FOX Bet’s “Promotions” tab shows all current promotional offers. Read the description of any promotion by clicking on it. Events and rewards range from bonus bets to super boosts to mystery prizes. You can also view the results for completed promotional games and contests. Select sport, date, and league to see all the results for games that match your criteria. The “As seen on FOX Sports” block shows a few sports available to bet on that will air on the Fox television and/or sports networks.

The “Popular” tab features several quick ways you can make bets on FOX Bet. The first category is for popular bets. They can be straight bets, odds boosts, or futures. If you see a bet you want to wager on, you can quickly select to add it here to your bet slip and make a wager. The “Bet Boost,” “Trending bets,” and “Trending #custombet” categories similar to one another. Each block has odds for a specific bet, and they are either boosted odds, popular, or requests from bettors on Twitter. Regardless, you can select the odds on the block and place a bet.

The final block is the “Main” betting block for FOX Bet. This allows you to select upcoming or in-game options. You can also select what sport you’re looking for. It will show a small sample of betting options directly on the block, but you can click into any game and find all the available bets for that contest or matchup. You also have the option to view odds in American, decimal, or fractional format on FOX Bet in-game, or you can place your bets via the bet slip and visit the “Placed Bets” tab to view any open, in-game, settled, or won bets. This window also shows any cash-out opportunities associated with your account.

Sports available at FOX Bet sportsbook online

FOX Bet offers all major sports to wager onbaseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer—and covers college-level basketball and football. They also offer a wide variety of other sports in Michigan, including the following:

  • Aussie Rules Football
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Golf
  • MMA
  • Motor Sports
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Volleyball

FOX Bet sports betting options

FOX Bet has most of the usual betting options on their sportsbook, including moneylines, spreads, totals (over/under), parlays, and round-robin bets. They offer boosted odds on a number of these bets as well. These types of bets take the odds that the sportsbook would normally give you and make them more advantageous to the bettor. For example, if the New York Mets were +150 underdogs to win a game, FOX Bet might offer them at +200 odds to win that same game.

Live betting is also on offer. These bets change as the game progresses, but you can watch a game in real-time and implement your ideal betting strategy. This often helps you get the best lines possible. For instance, a team might be a seven-point favorite before the game starts, but after the opposing team scores a touchdown, they could end up being a three-point favorite for the remainder of the game.

If you’re looking for futures bets, FOX Bet has plenty available. These are bets on distant future events. Future bets keep your money tied up for quite some time but generally offer significantly better odds than other bets. For example, you can bet on who will win the Super Bowl throughout the NFL season or who will win the Heisman trophy during the NCAA college football season. FOX Bet also allows players to bet on specific events happening during a game. These bets are known as prop bets. With these types of bets, for example, you can bet on whether Julio Jones will score the first touchdown in a game or if Matt Ryan will score more than three touchdowns in a game. Similarly, FOX Bet also offers partial-game bets. These bets allow you to place bets on what will happen by halftime in a football, soccer, or basketball game, the first five innings in a baseball game, or the first period in a hockey game.

Finally, you can take advantage of the cash out options, which allow you to cash out your bets before the end of the game or match, but you’ll receive worse odds than if you let the bet play out. For example, if you bet on the Detroit Lions as +200 underdogs, and they are winning in the fourth quarter, you can cash out your bet, but you won’t receive the full +200 odds. This allows you to profit without risking bad beats late in the game.

Is FOX Bet Sportsbook in Michigan legal?

FOX Bet was launched under a partnership between the Stars Group Inc. and FOX Sports as part of Fox Corporation. FOX Bet is legal in Michigan, Colorado, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. It won’t be long before more states are added to that list, but all players must be 21 years of age or older to wager on FOX Bet.

Banking options at FOX Bet Sportsbook

FOX Bet always keeps your money safe and accessible via U.S. banking systems, meaning transactions are quick and seamless. This puts FOX Bet ahead of the offshore sportsbooks competition.

How to make a deposit

Once logged in, select the blue deposit tab in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Next, select your deposit method and the amount you wish to deposit into your FOX Bet account. There are four ways to deposit at FOX Bet Sportsbook Michigan: credit/debit cards, bank transfers, eWallets (PayPal and Skrill), and PayNearMe. FOX Bet currently specifically accepts Visa and MasterCard.

You can transfer money directly from your bank account into your sportsbook account. Simply input the necessary information, choose your deposit amount, and your money will be directly transferred. However, your bank may block this type of transaction. Call your bank first and double-check if the transaction will go through before attempting it.

PayPal and Skrill are two of the most known eWallets on the market. You can deposit money from your eWallet into your sportsbook account. This is a great way to get around your bank blocking your transaction. Your eWallet will act as a third party, allowing you to transfer money from your bank into your eWallet, and then into your sportsbook account.

PayNearMe is another way to deposit cash into your FOX Bet account. You select how much you’d like to deposit, and they send you a payslip. Take this payslip to your nearest 7-Eleven and pay the cashier. Once the transaction is complete, the money will be inserted into your sportsbook account.

How to make a withdrawal

To withdraw money, select the account tab directly next to the deposit tab in the right-hand corner of the website. Scroll down and select “withdraw”. Your withdrawal will automatically be processed with your oldest deposit method. The two ways to withdraw money from your FOX Bet sportsbook account are with instant eChecks or through your eWallet (PayPal or Skrill).

Electronic checks, or eChecks, can be sent to your cards or as a bank transfer. These are generally processed quickly but may take between 3 to 10 business days. If it takes longer in your case, we advise you contact FOX Bet.

Withdrawals processed with PayPal or Skrill are immediate. These only take a few minutes for your funds to appear in your eWallet.

Contact FOX Bet Sportsbook

FOX Bet’s support and frequently asked questions are located directly under the deposit block in the top right-hand corner of the website. You’ll be directed to a new page when using that link.

Located on the website is a how-to guide for casino players in Michigan. Here you can access lots of useful information including house rules for all sports, frequently asked questions, and policies on deposits and withdrawals. To find questions using keywords or short sentences, use FOX Bet’s search bar. They also have a list of frequently searched articles and categories that covers solutions to a wide variety of common player problems.

If the Help section doesn’t in fact help, select the “Contact Us” button. Here you will choose a category and sub-category depending on your question. Select if you want to live chat with a customer service representative or send an email. The live chat is the fastest way to receive an answer to your questions or solve your concern in real-time, while the email will take a bit longer for Fox Bet’s support team to respond.

About FOXBet sportsbook Michigan

In May 2019, the Stars Group Inc. and FOX Sports agreed to a partnership to launch FOX Bet. The Stars Group Inc, a Toronto, Canada-based gaming and online gambling company, works as the operator.

FOX Bet launched in Michigan in 2020. It is also currently available in Colorado, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. With the FOX brand being one of the most well-known in the world, FOX Bet will likely launch in more states in the coming months.