How to Bet on Golf Online in Michigan

Golf betting is an increasingly popular sports wagering option for Americans. The sport continues to produce star-studded names outside of Tiger Woods, which include players like Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy.

Beside the players, many golfing events are popular for Americans to bet on such as the Masters, PGA Championship and Presidents Cup. Outside of the PGA Tour, there are other tours to bet on such as the European Tour, the LPGA, the Korn Ferry Tour and more. This gives golf bettors multiple events from which to pick.

Future bets are a popular option in golf, such as the FedEx Cup winner and upcoming majors. Live bets are also popular. Selecting a winner out of 150 entries is difficult, and live betting gives golf bettors a greater chance to hit on their wagers.

How does betting on golf work?

There are various ways to bet on golf, including online via sports betting sites or using golf betting apps. Among the multiple betting markets to choose from in Michigan are:

  • To win: In this type of bet, you’re simply picking an event winner. It’s challenging to select the correct choice out of 100+ entries, so this type of golf bet presents some of the best value entering any event. The favorite entering a golf tournament usually sees odds to win around +900 (9:1). If you wager $100 on +900 for Dustin Johnson to win an event and he does, you would receive $1,000 back.
  • Head to head: Also known as a “matchups” bet, this is a golf bet in which a bettor chooses who will finish higher between two golfers. This can be for the entire tournament or just a round. This market gives bettors a greater chance to hit a golf bet, as opposed to picking an event winner. Because this market gives bettors a greater chance to win, the implied odds are closer to 50%. Johnson might be given -170 odds to finish better than Sergio Garcia. If a bettor takes Johnson at -170, Johnson only needs to finish better than Garcia.
  • Each way: Also known as a “top finish” bet, each way bets give bettors the ability to select a winning golfer who can finish within a certain position. Some sportsbooks offer a top five finish, while others offer top 10. It varies based on the sportsbook. This is another way golf bettors can simplify their odds to hit successfully on an event wager.
  • First round leader: A bettor can choose which golfer will lead (or co-lead) an event after the first round ends. The golf betting odds for this market are much more valuable than picking a winner, but difficult to hit on. If Johnson’s odds to win an event are +900, his odds to finish round one as the leader might be closer to +2500. If you are sold on picking a golfer to win an event, you might also wager on the golfer leading round one.
  • Group matchups: This market allows bettors to select a winning golfer out of a certain group of players. You hit if the golfer you select finishes better than any other golfer in the group. Groups are typically three to five golfers, depending on the sportsbook.
  • Six-shooters: This market is just like a group matchup, in which a bettor selects one golfer to finish better than the rest in the group. The difference here is that a six-shooter features six total golfers in a group, and is based on the time of day a golfer is scheduled to tee off (“early” and “late”).
  • Winning margin: This market allows you to select how many strokes the leading golfer wins an event by. There are typically five options to bet on for this market: playoff, one stroke, two strokes, three strokes and four+ strokes. You might hedge this market if you feel an event will be closely played or a runaway.
  • Nationality: This market is similar to a group matchup bet; the difference is that a group is separated by golfer nationality. This is a popular bet if one golfer is much more talented than anyone else from his country. If you like Jon Rahm to play well in an event but are unsure he’ll win, then you might wager on Rahm finishing the event as the top Spaniard at a more expensive price. If Rahm has odds to win the event at +1400, a bettor may elect to take his top Spaniard odds at -130 instead. Common nationalities golf bettors can wager on include Spain, England, America, Korea, Australia and South Africa. Golfers are sometimes grouped by the college they attended, as well.
  • Best 18 hole: Golf bettors can select which golfer will have the best 18 hole score during the entire event. The golfer doesn’t have to win the event for a bettor to hit in this market.
  • Make cut: This market doesn’t offer the best odds for popular golfers, as a bettor simply picks if a golfer will make or miss the cut of an event. Popular players are more expensive for obvious reasons, but this is a popular market to bet on for any long shot golfer a bettor might like. Also on the contrary, if there is a popular golfer whom you think will struggle, then you might place a wager on that golfer to miss the cut at valuable odds. Rory McIlroy might see odds to make the cut at -500, but odds to miss the cut at +300.

Golf spread betting explained

Golf spread betting is when a bettor decides if a golfer will finish above (buy) or below (sell) a certain price/points set by the bookmakers. Markets for this include winning margin, leaderboard position, head-to-head shots, etc.

Let’s say a sportsbook leaderboard position spread sees first place receive 80 points, second place receive 50 points, third place receive 40 points and fourth place receive 30 points. The sportsbook offers a Tiger Woods leaderboard position spread of 20-23, and you decide to “buy” at 23 for $10. If Woods finishes in fourth place, a bettor would win $70 (30 – 23 x 10 = $70). If Tiger wins the event and finishes in 1st place, a bettor would win $570 (80 – 23 x 10 = $570). This can work against a bettor, though. If Tiger Woods finishes outside the top four, a bettor would lose $230 (0 – 23 x 10 = -$230).

Let’s say a bettor decides to “sell” at 20 for $10. If Tiger finishes outside the top four, a bettor would win $200 (20 – 0 x 10 = $200). If Tiger plays well and finishes in fourth place, then a bettor would lose $100 (20 – 30 x 10 = -$100).

Spread betting is a great way for golf bettors to increase their profit on a selected golfer, but is also costly if you miss.

Live golf betting

Live betting on golf comes down to who will win the tournament. Most sportsbooks close all markets of a golf event once it has started, except for “to win.” As the tournament progresses, sportsbooks change live odds based on leaderboard position, stroke count, hole number and field of play.

Using an app to track the leaderboard is key for live golf betting, as odds change every minute. The most profitable live bet can come in the early rounds of an event, as the odds tend to shrink after each round of play.

Justin Thomas might have live odds to win an event at +900 after round two and sitting in 10th place. If Thomas moves up the leaderboard entering round four, his odds might shrink to +300 or lower. Live betting golf, much like live betting any sport, is all about timing.

Golf future odds

  • Major events: Sportsbooks offer futures odds on various events, most notably majors. You can put a wager on the Masters, PGA Championship, US Open and The Open winners well before the events are scheduled to begin.
  • Ryder Cup: This is another event that sportsbooks set futures odds for, as you can select which team will win before the event is scheduled to begin. Odds for this futures market are between the US, Europe or a 14-14 tie.
  • The Presidents Cup: This is similar to the Ryder Cup market, in which you can select which team will win before the event is scheduled to begin. Odds are between the US, international or a tie.
  • Solheim Cup: This is similar to the Ryder Cup market but for the women’s league, in which you can select which team will win before the event is scheduled to begin. Odds are between the US, Europe or a tie.
  • Individual players: Sportsbooks will sometimes offer a market on a particular player, most notably Tiger Woods. Bets for a Tiger Woods market may include “How many majors will he win this year?” or “Which major will he win next?”
  • FedEx Cup winner: You can bet on who will win the FedEx Cup trophy as early as the season begins. With each passing week, odds fluctuate based on golfers’ performances during the season.

Golf prop betting in Michigan

Both players and events have various prop bets for you to wager on. Winning margin, six-shooters, nationality and others listed above are just a few of the prop bets offered each week.

  • Hole-in-one: You can select whether an event will see anyone hit a hole-in-one. There is usually great value here if a golfer can pull off the tough feat. There are also odds available for two or more holes-in-one and an albatross (three-under-par score).
  • Wire-to-wire: You can select whether any golfer will see the lead after each round of an event. If a golfer finds himself in first place after all four rounds, that golfer is a wire-to-wire winner.
  • Playoff: You can select whether a potential playoff will see more than two golfers. Winning margin markets usually offer playoff odds, but if you think more than two golfers will reach the playoff, then you can bet that for a higher value.

2020 Masters betting

  • Date: Thursday, Nov. 12, to Sunday, Nov. 15 — the date for this event is usually in April, but was rescheduled in 2020 due to COVID-19.
  • Time: The first tee time is usually around 6:30 a.m. ET, which is when betting will close for the event (besides live odds).
  • Location: The Masters is always played at Augusta National, located in southeast Georgia.
  • Playing surface: Augusta National uses Bermuda grass.
  • Past notable winners: Tiger Woods is the most notable and recent winner, claiming the Masters for his fifth time in 2019. Other notable names include Phil Mickelson (three-time winner), Bubba Watson (two-time winner), Patrick Reed, Jordan Spieth and Adam Scott.
  • Expected favorites for the Masters: These include Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka, Jon Rahm, Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas, Bryson DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson.

2020 US Open betting

  • Date: Thursday, Sept. 17, to Sunday, Sept. 20 — the event is usually held in June, but was rescheduled due to COVID-19.
  • Time: The first tee time is usually around 6:30 a.m. ET, which is when betting will close for the event (besides live odds).
  • Location: The 2020 US Open will take place at the Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, New York.
  • Playing surface: Winged Foot Golf Club uses bent grass.
  • Past notable winners: Brooks Koepka has won the event two times in the last three years. Tiger Woods also won this event on three occasions. Gary Woodland, Dustin Johnson, Webb Simpson, Justin Rose, Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy are other notable past winners.
  • Expected favorites for the US Open: These include Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka, Jon Rahm, Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas, Bryson DeChambeau, Patrick Cantlay, Webb Simpson and Dustin Johnson.

2020 Open Championship betting

  • Date: Canceled due to COVID-19.
  • Time: Canceled due to COVID-19.
  • Location: Since 2020 has been canceled, 2021 will be played at the Royal St. George’s Golf Club in Kent, England.
  • Playing surface: Royal St. George’s has switched from a weed grass to a fine fescue.
  • Past notable winners: Shane Lowry is the most recent winner, while Jordan Spieth is the most recent American to win. Other notable names to win include Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Francesco Molinari.
  • Expected favorites for the US Open: There are no favorites for this event, as it has been canceled due to COVID-19.

2020 PGA Championship betting

  • Date: Thursday, Aug. 6, to Sunday, Aug. 9.
  • Time: The first tee time is usually around 6:30 a.m. ET, which is when betting will close for the event (besides live odds).
  • Location: TPC Harding in San Francisco will host the 2020 PGA Championship.
  • Playing surface: The playing surface features bent grass on the green, while the fairways are made up of rye grass.
  • Past notable winners: Brooks Koepka has won the last two PGA Championships. Justin Thomas, Jason Day, Rory McIlroy, Jason Dufner and Tiger Woods are among some of the more active notables to also win this event
  • Expected favorites for PGA Championship: These include Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm, Bryson DeChambeau, Brooks Koepka, Justin Thomas, Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Xander Schauffele.

Free golf bets

Some sportsbooks, such as FanDuel, offer bonus bets. This is the case for a few states, such as Colorado, in which the sportsbooks offer a certain timeframe for you to place a wager and be refunded if you lose. This bet is available for any sport, not just golf.

Golf live streaming

Some sportsbooks also offer live streaming for certain events. For golf, PGA Tour Live is the best place to stream events, as sportsbooks don’t have the rights. However, sportsbook apps will track live progress so you can follow all the action right from your sportsbook account.

Golf betting tips for beginners

Don’t be afraid to hedge any golf event. If there is a certain golfer or bet you like before an event begins, take it. Once the event starts, almost all of the markets will close except for a live winner. If the bet you took prior to the event looks good after a few rounds, then don’t make another.

However, if your bet looks bad heading into the third or final round, then look at live betting a winner. It is much easier to gauge who will win a golf tournament after a few rounds of play.

Another golf betting tip is to take a golfer you are high on winning an event, and only bet on that golfer to finish in the top 20. Although the odds won’t be as good, you chances to win go up substantially when betting this way.

Spread out your bets, too. Don’t put everything on picking a winner. Be sure to explore other markets.

Golf Betting FAQ

It depends on which sportsbook you are using. Most of the time, if a round is suspended and scheduled to continue the next day, then golf bets will carry over into the next day. If a round is suspended with no scheduled day to continue, golf bets are usually scored as a push.

There are various ways a golf course can impact betting. Some courses favor power players, where other courses help golfers with a strong short game and finesse. The weather, grass type, pin location, course location, course distance and course design all impact golf betting. A course design affects golf betting from the fairway width, to the putting surface and even the number of hazards (sand traps and water). There is a long list of ways a course can affect golf betting, which you should take into consideration before betting.

It depends. There are certain courses Tiger Woods thrives on, such as Torrey Pines in La Jolla, California, or Bay Hill in Orlando, Florida. Any time a tournament is held in these locations and Tiger is playing, he is worth a bet. However, due to Tiger’s popularity, a lot of people bet on him. This can cause his odds to go down, making him less valuable. Be sure to check the odds early and often if betting on Tiger Woods.

We’ve got you covered. Our website compares the best golf betting odds from regulated sportsbooks, so that we can help you find the best value on the board.

It can be, especially when wagering on a winner. Picking a winner for a golf tournament is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Simplifying your golf bets can increase your chances to win, along with finding great value. Be sure to view all the betting markets before a golf tournament starts. This includes group betting, nationality winner, top 20 finishes and much more. In terms of picking a winner though, golf is one of the more difficult sports to bet on.