World Series Betting Guide & Odds

With Michigan becoming the 20th state to legalize sports betting, those living in the Great Lake State can now legally wager on final outcomes of all Major League Baseball games moving forward, including the World Series. Though the Detroit Tigers aren’t likely to qualify for the playoffs this season, the future looks bright in the Motor City!

There will come a day when you’ll see the team in the World Series once again. Until then, your options to wager on the World Series include the Greektown Casino-Hotel (Penn National Gaming), MGM Grand Detroit (BetMGM) and MotorCity Casino Hotel (FanDuel). World Series betting is also available at a number of Michigan tribal casinos. All options should have online and mobile access in the near future to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible to get your action down.

How to bet on the World Series

In order to place any type of wager on the World Series, you’re going to need to establish an account with your sportsbook of choice. You can either visit the brick and mortar location to set up an account, or simply go to the sign-up page of the respective sportsbook and enter all the particulars. It’s a seamless process, so don’t let it deter you from getting in on all the fun.

Once you’ve created a username and password, the only requirement left is to make a deposit, which you can do via multiple available options: e.g., bank cards, prepaid cards, bank transfers, cash, etc. Before you press submit, be sure to take advantage of the bonuses and offers each respective sportsbook has made available for first-time customers. That’s it; you’re now ready to bet on the World Series! Click on the MLB link within the app, and then find the team, total, future or proposition you want to wager on and fire away!

MLB World Series betting tips

  1. Momentum is the great equalizer. Make it a point to see how each respective team got to the World Series. If one team steamrolled its way there, it might suffer from a bit of rust early on. This is a trend to keep an eye on, especially if that team’s opponent took longer to qualify.
  2. Take a look at how each team’s starting rotation is set up. When did the staff aces last pitch? Is one team starting off the World Series with a lesser arm on the bump? Is he matched up against the other team’s ace? If so, it would be a huge advantage for the team with the No. 1 or No. 2 pitcher going if matched up against a No. 4 or No. 5.
  3. Make it a point to see how each team’s starting pitcher has fared against the opposing offense in the past. While this is a common handicapping technique used over the course of the regular season, it becomes even more important with everything on the line. If a particular pitcher has dominated the opposing team in the past, he may do so one again with a World Series title at stake.
  4. While the players ultimately decide the outcome of the World Series, umpires play a large role as well. You should never place a wager on a baseball game without knowing what type of umpire is behind home plate. Is his strike zone wide or tight? Do the games he calls normally end up with high or low scores. Is he a strikeout ump who leads to lower scoring games (under), or does he have a higher walk percentage that allows for more runs to hit the board (over)?
  5. Just because the World Series signifies the end of the season, it doesn’t mean you need to unload your entire bankroll over the course of the series. Stick to solid bankroll management and never put down what you can’t afford to lose. The games match up the best of the best, so anything can happen. Go back to the end result of the 2019 World Series as proof!

What are World Series futures?

A World Series futures wager is exactly as it reads: a World Series bet made on an outcome that will be decided in time. Since these types of sports bets aren’t decided for a number of days, weeks or months, the payoffs on them are extremely attractive. Before the playoffs begin, every single team’s futures odds to win the World Series offer up a plus-money return. That means more money is paid out than originally put down.

For example, a team is installed at +500 to win it all. If you put $100 on that team to in fact bring home the title and it does, the you would end up receiving $500 plus your initial wager, for a total of $600. So in essence you would be receiving five times your initial wager.

Understanding MLB odds and line movement

Betting on baseball is a bit different from most other sports. Unlike betting on football and basketball where a point spread helps even the playing field, the most popular baseball bets employ the moneyline. Instead of needing to win by a certain number of runs, all that needs to happen to cash a moneyline ticket is for your team to win the game outright. Whether this is by one, three or 10 runs, it’s all the same. Here’s how it all works.

Let’s take a hypothetical matchup between the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field. Chicago is the home team and has one of its better pitchers on the mound. Linemakers install it as -160 favorites to win the game, with the odds on underdog St. Louis at +145. Should you decide to bet the Cubs, you’d need to pony up $160 to make $100. If in fact you believe the Cardinals have a shot, a $100 bet would bring a profit of $145. As with any sport, MLB odds aren’t static but instead dynamic, meaning they change all the time. They move up or down depending on the amount of money coming in on each side or due to late breaking information about a player injury, suspension or illness.

2020 World Series favorites

The Los Angeles Dodgers hit the board at +1067 to win the 2020 World Series, but the offering has been significantly reduced, with it now checking in at just over 3-1 at most books. While some of the line move had to do with the trade for Mookie Betts, it’s also because of the team’s play on the field in winning 30 of its first 41 games in the COVID-19 abbreviated season.

Though the New York Yankees have played most of the season without most of their integral parts, linemakers currently have their World Series odds at +500 or better. Rounding out the top three are the surprising Tampa Bay Rays, who offer up anywhere between +600 and +900, depending on your sportsbook of choice. Is there a team in MLB that does more with so little?

Contenders to win the American League pennant

The Yankees (+260) and Rays (+290) sit atop the AL heap, but the Oakland A’s (+500), Chicago White Sox (+700), Houston Astros (+700), Minnesota Twins (+700) and Cleveland Indians (+800) are those objects in the mirror that are closer than they appear. Any one of those teams has the stuff to win the AL this season without there being a dominant team in the bunch.

Contenders to win the National League pennant

Right now, it’s the Dodgers at +130 and everyone else. The next closest teams to compete for the NL pennant are the Atlanta Braves (+650), Chicago Cubs (+800) and San Diego Padres (+800). The Braves and Padres certainly have the hitting to run with LA, but both pitching staffs, from the rotation to the bullpen, are enormous question marks.

Longshot to win the World Series

If the St. Louis Cardinals were in fact able to find a way to win the franchise’s 12th World Series title, it would be a remarkable feat. The team has played more baseball without any rest than any other team to this point due to having so many games postponed earlier in the season because of a COVID-19 outbreak. With the number of playoff teams expanded in this abbreviated season, they’re already in the mix to qualify for the postseason. While the offense leaves much to be desired, the pitching and defense have allowed for the comeback to take place. If the offense finds itself late, look out!

World Series history

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros have played a part in each of the last three World Series. LA won the National League pennant in 2017 and 2018, but fell to the Astros and Boston Red Sox. Houston won the AL pennant in 2017 and 2019. It went on to defeat the Dodgers in 2017 to win the franchise its first-ever title, but then fell to the Washington Nationals in seven games in 2019. Both trips to the Fall Classic were tainted due to the sign stealing scandal that came out leading up to the 2020 season.

The Detroit Tigers have won it all four times in franchise history (1935, 1945, 1968, 1984). The team did make two appearances in the World Series since the turn of the century, but the end result of each was a disappointment. Jim Leyland managed both teams, but they ultimately both came up short. The Tony La Russa-led St. Louis Cardinals took the series in five games back in 2006, and then Bruce Bochy’s San Francisco Giants busted the brooms out for the quick sweep in 2012.

World Series FAQ

Michigan sports bettors can bet on the World Series at the Greektown Casino Hotel, MGM Grand Detroit and MotorCity Casino Hotel as well as a number of Michigan tribal casinos.

There are a number of MLB bet types that you can utilize over the course of a season. They include moneylines, totals, run lines, props and futures.

Normally, home field advantage would go to the World Series entrant with the best overall regular season record. But this is the “new normal,” and there are talks of the playoffs taking place in a bubble, much like the NBA and NHL. No decision has been made, but talks have started to heat up with the abbreviated regular season nearing its close.