NBA Betting in Michigan

Now that sports betting is legal in Michigan, wagering on the NBA is something people in the state can take part in over the course of the regular season and playoffs moving forward. Though the “Bad Boys” days are long gone and the Detroit Pistons haven’t made much noise in the playoffs for over a decade, you can still bet every single one of their games on the point spread, moneyline and total as well as futures and props.

These are exciting times for sports bettors across the country, especially those living within Michigan’s borders with it being one of a growing number of states that decided to allow for both live and online sports betting right from the outset. Whether at home, at work or on the go, you’ll be able to wager on the NBA so long as you’re signed up at one of the sportsbook options and located within the state’s borders.

How does NBA betting work?

Once you’ve signed up and made a deposit, you’ll have three ways to bet on the NBA. If looking to take in the experience in person and share the joy of winning — and pain of losing — with other people, you’ll want to visit one of the local establishments and put your wagers down in person.

If you’d rather wager on the NBA from the comfort of your own home or workplace, you can bypass the road trip and just log in to your account online. If the game is about to tip off and you can’t be in front of a computer, all you need to do is log in to your account via app by way of your smartphone or tablet.

Most sportsbooks have mirrored their betting app to resemble the online version as closely as possible to avoid any confusion. Regardless of whether betting live, online or on an app, all wagering options are widely available.

How to bet on NBA games in Michigan

Once you’ve made the decision to wager on the NBA and set money aside to establish a bankroll, you’re ready to take the necessary steps below to open an account and start betting.

When you visit a Michigan sportsbook website that offers NBA betting, you’ll notice a link labeled “sign up” or something similar on the main page. Once you’ve provided the required information and established an account, you’ll be nearly ready to start betting on Derrick Rose and the gang as well as every other team in the NBA.

You’ll need to make a deposit once you go through the initial sign-up process. At most sites, you’ll likely have the option of depositing via debit and credit cards, prepaid cards, bank transfers, electronic wallets (PayPal, Neteller), or cash or check at the casino cage of an online sportsbook’s land-based partner.

NBA betting apps in Michigan

Many physical sportsbooks at Michigan casinos are launching sportsbook apps in the latter part of 2020 or early 2021, so you’ll be able to bet on the NBA outside the brick-and-mortar establishments. You’ll be able to place every single type of wager on the app, and it will more than likely mirror the user experience of the sportsbook’s online offering. The only difference is that you can log into the betting app when away from your home or work computer where you’d utilize the online sportsbook instead.

Types of basketball bets

Before putting a single dollar down on a game, be it in person or via an online sportsbook or app, it’s best to educate yourself about the variety of wagering options offered up on a daily basis.

One of the most popular NBA bets deals with the point spread. With this particular wager, sportsbooks are setting a line that teams need to cover, either by winning by more than that amount (if a team is favored), or by keeping the game within that margin or winning outright (if a team is the underdog).

NBA point spread ticket

NBA betting lines

NBA parlays and straight bets

Let’s say the Detroit Pistons are hosting the Los Angeles Lakers and they’re getting 7 points. You’ll notice a +7 next to the Pistons and a -7 next to the Lakers. In order for a ticket on Detroit to cash, the Pistons would need to either win the game outright or lose by six points or fewer. If the final margin of victory comes out at seven, it would be a push and all money would be refunded to your account.

Also, note that the NBA betting lines may differ from site to site, which means it could be a good idea to shop around for the best available number before locking your NBA bet in.

Lines fluctuate depending on the amount of action a particular side is receiving from the betting market. Going back to the example above, one sportsbook might offer the Pistons at +6.5 while another might have them at +7.5. The lines will shift until tipoff, so be on the lookout and lock the bet in when you believe you’re getting the best value.

Other betting options include totals (wagering on the combined points scored), moneyline bets (betting on the outright winner), parlays (combining multiple bets that all need to succeed for you to win), teasers (adjusting the point spread in your favor for the games in a parlay), futures (a bet on an outcome that may be several months in the future, such as which team will win the NBA Finals) and props (bets on individual and team performances that aren’t specifically linked to the outcome of a game).

NBA live/in game betting

No longer do sports bettors have to sit back and watch their pregame bet get destroyed right from the opening tip. Now, with live betting, also known as in game betting, lines are adjusted as the game plays out.

Let’s go back to the example up above with the Pistons hosting the Lakers. Los Angeles gets out to a commanding 20-point lead in the second quarter, which has the readjusted live betting line now situated at the Pistons +14. You could get double the amount of points to lessen the blow come the game’s conclusion.

On the flipside, let’s say the Pistons get out to a double-digit lead early on. At that point, the Lakers could fall to as low as -1 or a pick ’em. You could set up a middle by live betting Los Angeles and have a very good chance at cashing both tickets in! Spreads, moneylines, totals and other bet types are all generally available to bet live.

NBA futures bets

  • NBA Finals winner: You’re betting on who you think wins the whole enchilada when betting on NBA Finals futures odds. The Pistons haven’t won an NBA title since the 2003-04 season, and they don’t look to be in a position to do so anytime soon. Even so, a $100 wager on them at +50,000 would’ve returned a cool $50,100 including the initial stake had a miracle occurred this past season.
  • NBA win totals: This type of futures wager deals with the amount of games a specific team wins or loses. For reference sake, the Pistons had a season win total of 20 for 2020. That means Detroit needed to win 21 regular season games or more to cash an over ticket or 19 or fewer to cash an under ticket. Linemakers hit the nail on the head with this prognostication after the Pistons won 20 games this year.
  • NBA MVP/Rookie of Year/MIP/Defensive Player/Coach, etc: Ja Morant just took home the NBA Rookie of the Year award. Giannis Antetokounmpo just took home a second straight MVP Award, which had LeBron James extremely salty. These are just two of the many futures props you can bet on over the course of the NBA betting season. Do you think Blake Griffin returns to have a monster season next year? Bet on him here!
  • NBA draft: Standouts from the last few NBA Draft include Ja Morant, Zion Williamson, Tyler Herro, Luka Doncic, Michael Porter and Trae Young. Before the festivities even began, sportsbooks offered up NBA betting odds on where they would be selected in the draft. Even in the offseason, NBA betting has you covered with a plethora of wagering options.

NBA betting tips

1. Bet on teams you know

Just because an NBA slate has 10 games going for the night, it doesn’t mean you have to have action on each and every one. Become an expert within a conference or division and stick with that. In doing so, you’ll be much more familiar with every team, from the coach down to the players as well as how every team matches up.

2. Start with the basics

The best way to familiarize yourself with NBA betting is by getting in on the ground floor. Initially, you should concern yourself only with moneylines, point spreads and over/unders. These are the foundations of NBA betting that must be mastered first before you get into first/second-half wagering and live betting.

3. Keep track of your bets

Accurate record keeping is a must if you plan on making money from this venture instead of doing it just to be entertained. It will allow you to see what you did right, but even more importantly, what you did wrong. A log of every bet will allow you to go back and see what you did under specific scenarios that could arise down the road.

Common basketball betting mistakes to avoid

1. Chasing your bets

Most novice sports bettors get into trouble when they log back into their account after losing badly; especially after having a few too many drinks. There will always be other opportunities to get the money back down the road. Do yourself a favor and log out, take a deep breath and sleep on it. A more informed bet is much better than a desperate dart toss.

2. Putting your entire bankroll in play

The bankroll should be your most cherished entity when betting on the NBA. If it runs out, you won’t have the ability to play anymore. Set a limit, such as 5% of your total bankroll, as the most you’ll put on a single wager. Excessive wagers run the risk of you losing it all and being forced to pony back up prematurely.

3. Betting while drunk/impaired

Clouding your judgment like this could result in an NBA bet or bets that you would never make sober, as well as potentially leading you to chase losses or ignore your bankroll limit, all of which can lead to disaster.

Is online sports betting legal in Michigan?

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s signature on the Lawful Internet Gaming Act in December of 2019 opened the door for legal online sports betting, online casino games and online poker. In the process, it set Michigan up to become a major player in the online casino and mobile sports betting space.