NHL Betting Online in Michigan

Hockey fans in Michigan have even more to get excited about these days. Legal sports betting is now a real live thing in the Wolverine State, and that translates into plenty of opportunities to explore with the fastest game on ice.

NHL betting is a featured offering at legal and regulated sportsbooks. You can place your bets on any game on the docket, drill into the matchups with props or take a long-term perspective with some NHL futures bets.

In our complete guide to NHL betting, we’ll walk through what you need to know to get up to speed quickly, and also point you toward the best places for you to get in the game. Let’s get to it.

Is online sports betting legal in Michigan?

It is. Legislation was officially signed into law in December 2019. Retail sportsbooks began opening their doors in March 2020. The online and mobile launch has taken a bit of time, but everything is expected to be a go for the latter part of 2020 or early 2021 at the latest.

What are the rules for sports betting in Michigan?

In order to create an account with an online sportsbook or an app, you must be 21 or older. To place bets, you must be physically located within state lines. To make sure that you are, sportsbooks will use geolocation technology.

How NHL betting works

To bet on the NHL, you’ll need a place to legally place your bets. Retail sports betting is up and running in several casinos across Michigan, and the online and mobile launch is upcoming. We’ll point you to some top web and app options as we move forward.

The NHL regular season runs from fall to spring, and the postseason gets underway right after that. The Stanley Cup playoffs are a grueling test of endurance in which the action intensifies with each passing round.

Along the way, you’ll have plenty of NHL games to choose from for betting purposes, as well as lots of ways to bet on each. We’ll cover all of the ways to get in the game in a bit. For a sneak peek, moneyline, props, and live betting are all popular.

How to bet on NHL games in Michigan 

Getting started with betting on the NHL is really simple, but actually picking winners is another matter entirely. We’ll have some actionable tips you can use to your advantage later on. For now, let’s walk through what you need to do to get started.

How to sign up for an online sportsbook

The first step is to click through on our exclusive links to take advantage of the generous sign-up offers. Afterward, you’ll be redirected to a new page where you’ll enter some basic information. From start to finish, it takes just a few minutes to complete the process.

How to fund your online betting account

Once your new account is created, you’ll find either a dedicated deposit button or a place to handle business in the “my account” section. After clicking on it, you’ll see the options you have at your disposal, which may include credit cards, a bank transfer and PayPal.

Top NHL betting sites in Michigan

Michigan has been a popular destination for sports betting operators. The marketplace will be served by a number of the industry’s top names. Here are the top three spots we recommend checking out.

DraftKings Sportsbook

This has been a popular choice for bettors in all states that DraftKings has entered to date. The platform is super slick and one of the best in the industry. Among the biggest draws is a live betting feature that consistently gets good reviews.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel has also been at the top of the charts in all markets entered thus far. The simple-to-use platform places everything you need at your fingertips. Perhaps its top hit is a single-game parlay feature that has been attracting users.

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM has a wealth of experience behind the scenes, and it shows in its sportsbook. The betting odds and lines are always competitive, and there’s a wide range of market offerings to consider, from big events down to smaller sports.

Best NHL betting apps in Michigan

Each of our recommended operators — DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM — are available on mobile as well with betting apps for iOS and Android users. After you create an account with our exclusive links, look for the icon or link to download from the sportsbook website.

Once that’s all set, just log in on mobile and you’ll have sportsbook access whenever you need. Overall, the app environment from top operators is pretty solid. You can perform most or all of the same functions on smaller devices as you can online.

Naturally, the experience is slightly different on the condensed screens, with swiping instead of clicking in many spots. After you gain a little familiarity, you’ll find that everything you need is at your fingertips — just like with the online version.

How to bet on hockey games

Sportsbooks will release NHL betting lines for each game on the docket. You’ll find them all listed individually with the road team on top and home team on the bottom. The game listing will look something like this.

  • Ottawa Senators +1.5 (-110)      +110    O 5.5 (-110)
  • Detroit Red Wings -1.5 (-110)       -130     U 5.5 (-110)

Next to the two team names are a series of numbers that represent the NHL betting odds for the three main wagering types. Here’s how each of them works.

  • Goal line: This works like the point spread that’s used in other sports. For NHL betting, the goal line is typically set at 1.5. The team with the negative number is the favorite.
  • Moneyline: This is a bet in which you are just choosing the winner. In our example, the Detroit Red Wings are favored (negative odds) while the Senators are the underdog (positive odds).
  • Total: This is a bet on the total combined goals scored in the game. You can choose over or under on the benchmark number, which is typically between five and six goals for NHL betting.

Those are the big three bet types, but there are several other ways to wager. Props are at the top of the list. These are basically side wagers you can place on things that might come up during a game or by the end. Many of them are based on player performance.

One important note to keep in mind: The odds and lines can move after the initial release based on betting action. To that end, the numbers won’t always be exactly the same at each sportsbook.

You can shop around to find the best price, and it’s highly recommended as well. In today’s online and mobile sports betting environment, it’s easy to do so.

NHL live/in game betting

Live betting is another exciting way to get in the game. Also known as in game betting, these are wagers you can place in real time as the action plays out. Offerings will vary based on what’s happening on the ice, but here are a couple of examples of what you’ll see.

  • What will be the outcome of the Red Wings power play — goal/penalty kill?
  • Which side will have more shots in period two — Capitals or Penguins?

The odds and markets move fast with live betting, but online and mobile platforms from leading operators make it easy to stay on top of the action.

NHL futures and prop betting

The NHL futures market gives bettors the chance to wager on the season as a whole. Here are some of the most popular offerings you’ll see.

  • NHL win totals: You can place an over/under bet on regular season win totals for each individual team.
  • NHL awards: Place your prop bets on various individual awards, such as players to win the Hart, Vezina and Calder
  • NHL playoffs: You can wager on teams to make or miss the playoffs, as well as the winners of the individual divisions.
  • NHL Stanley Cup: Place your bets on which team you think will be skating around with Lord Stanley’s Cup when all is said and done.
  • NHL player futures: These are bets on player statistical accomplishments, such as the leading goal scorer in the league.

Futures let you stay engaged with hockey betting nearly all year round. The market also makes for a great way to take a snapshot view of what the upcoming season may bring.

Is NHL betting legal?

The answer to this question varies by state. Here in Michigan, we have a green light, but that wasn’t always the case.

In May 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States weighed in on the legality of a federal law banning sports betting. The court ruled it unconstitutional, allowing individual states to decide whether to legalize sports betting. Many acted quickly, others took some time, and still more remain a work in progress.

Legislation was passed in Michigan in December 2019. Retail sportsbooks began opening in March 2020, with the online and mobile rollout scheduled for later in the year.

NHL betting strategies 

Just like any other sport, there is a learning curve when it comes to betting on hockey. Here are some NHL betting tips you can use to get started.

  • Start with the basics: Work on mastering one of the big three bet types — moneyline, goal line, totals — to start with, and expand as your skills develop.
  • Study what to look at: There are great handicapping resources to lean on out there, and they’ll point you in the right direction on what really matters.
  • Use stats that matter: There are tons, but stick to what moves the needle: goals for and against, shots for and against, power play and penalty kill percentages, etc.
  • Track your results: This helps to show your overall progress, and can also point out if you need to shift your overall strategy
  • Decide on a plan: Are you a casual better or do you have bigger goals? Knowing what you’re working toward makes a big difference in your overall approach.

Knowing what not to do can sometimes be just as important. Here are three avoidable mistakes that you should be mindful of.

  • Betting over your head: Stick to the games you feel best about, and adhere to a budget that works for your overall comfort level.
  • Avoid rooting interests: There’s no place for rooting interests in sports betting. If your judgement is clouded on a team or player, then it’s time to take a pass.
  • Chasing losses: You’re going to lose, and it will stink. Avoid the temptation to get even on bad losses by doubling down or betting recklessly.

NHL Betting FAQ

Yes, but it’s referred to as either the puck line or goal line. NHL spreads are generally set at 1.5 goals. The favorite needs to win the game by two goals or more to cover. The underdog needs to lose by just one goal — or win the game outright — to cover the line.

The draft lottery helps to determine the order of picks for the NHL Entry Draft. Teams that fail to qualify for the postseason are in the running. The team with the worst overall record has the best shot at winning, followed by the second-worst and so on. The most recent draft lottery was held on June 26, 2020, with the draft taking place on Oct. 6-7.

This is a bet type that has been rising in popularity in recent years. For this wager, you’re simply wagering on which side will be on top at the end of the first period. If you have a good idea of which teams will start slow or fast, this can be a great bet type to zero in on.

For standard bets, the answer is yes, overtime does count toward the final result and how your bets will be graded. However, there are alternative game lines to be found that revolve solely around regulation time.

The Detroit Red Wings have won the Stanley Cup 11 times in franchise history. The first title came after the 1935-36 season, while the most recent victory was for 2007-08. There was a substantial drought in between the seventh and eighth titles from 1955 to 1997. The Red Wings are third on the all-time list of Stanley Cups won. The Montreal Canadiens are first with 24, followed by the Toronto Maple Leafs with 13.